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The Konecranes Approach to Crane Maintenance

Jim Skowron
Regional Vice President of Sales, Region Americas Service

Skimping on the maintenance of vital equipment that lifts thousands of tons isn’t just asking for trouble, it’s asking for negative consequences to an operation’s bottom line.

At Konecranes, we take an approach to crane maintenance that focuses attention on the entire lifecycle of a crane. In turn, this approach not only improves the safety and productivity of our customers’ operations, it also lowers their lifetime cost of crane ownership.

More than 430,000 pieces of equipment around the world are supported by Konecranes Lifecycle Care, setting Konecranes expertise and knowledge apart from other crane maintenance programs. This provides us unparalleled insight into trends among manufacturers, evolving technology and types of cranes. It’s also enabled us to develop comprehensive crane maintenance programs that ensure long-term safety and performance.

The foundation of our crane service program is the establishment of a maintenance standard, followed by inspection and preventative maintenance. In developing a maintenance standard, professionals at Konecranes customize each customer’s crane service program based on applicable local crane regulations – Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) overhead crane standards in the United States, for example – plus original equipment manufacturer (OEM) guidelines. We also determine how each customer uses their equipment and how that matches up with the equipment’s design. Based on the established standard and our inspections, we then conduct preventive maintenance.

Initial inspections often result in repair recommendations that will bring a crane into good operating condition. In the case of older equipment, we sometimes recommend modernization as a more cost-effective alternative to repair. As technology evolves, modernizations often make sense, helping customers take advantage of advances in safety and productivity innovations while extending the useful life of their equipment.

Between inspections, Konecranes offers a technology solution that alerts crane owners to immediate problems – the Konecranes TRUCONNECT® Remote Service real-time crane monitoring system. Designed as a compliment to an inspection and maintenance program, TRUCONNECT® collects actual crane usage data that can help fine-tune a preventive maintenance program. It also provides real-time information on certain components impacting safety, operations, or design life of the equipment.

Education is another component of Konecranes’ compliance inspection and preventive crane maintenance program. Our technicians educate customers on crane usage, including the requirement for a pre-shift operational check. We also ensure that our customers know OSHA training standards for operators and crane maintenance personnel who conduct service between Konecranes visits. This includes advising them of available training, including courses provided by the Konecranes Training Institute.

For more information about Konecranes’ comprehensive approach to crane maintenance, visit the crane service section of the Konecranes website.

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