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Overhead Crane Manufacturers: How Konecranes Compares to the Rest

Joe Otten
Director, Konecranes Sales and Service Academy

Seven ways that Konecranes rises above other overhead crane manufacturers and overhead crane service providers

How does Konecranes compare to other overhead crane manufacturers and overhead crane service providers? The differences far outnumber the similarities, so I’ll briefly summarize seven key ways that Konecranes stands apart from the others:

  1. Size—Konecranes is the world’s largest overhead crane manufacturer and service company. Our nearly 12,000 employees cover more than 625 branch locations in about 50 countries, and we’re in nearly every major U.S. market. Because of this broad distribution, many of our large customers with multiple locations find we have branches near many, if not all, of their sites.

We are where our customers are. That means Konecranes is able to provide timely, responsive service.

  1. OEM—Konecranes is the original equipment manufacturer for more than 40 brands, more than any other crane manufacturer. Another measure of our industry leadership, this gives our customers an edge: They’re more than likely working with the OEM that designed their equipment and that has technicians specially trained to maintain it. And we have access to all the technical drawings and parts for all of these brands. This allows us to manufacture parts for 40- to 50-plus-year-old cranes and improve on the original parts by applying current design and manufacturing methods.

  1. Technology—As the industry leader, Konecranes applies technologies to products and services unavailable from other providers. Our TRUCONNECT® product provides customers a real-time view of equipment use and condition to help them develop maintenance programs based on real-time information. This means they will invest their time and maintenance dollars effectively and efficiently, for the biggest return in improved productivity and safety.

Konecranes has developed frequency drives that have more safety features than any other drive in the market. Plus, our Smart Features allow customers to semi-automate or automate processes to shorten cycle times and improve safety and productivity.

  1. R&D—Konecranes invests more in research and development than anyone else in the industry. We’re at the forefront of developing equipment and service processes that reflect what our customers need. The latest iteration of the MAINMAN maintenance management system enables us to track maintenance histories down to the component level. This enables us to provide customers the best recommendations possible to prevent maintenance issues and avoid costly downtime.

  1. Safety Focus—Customers regularly mention that they’ve never seen a crane company that approaches the job with as strong an emphasis on safety as we do. Before beginning any job our service professionals conduct a point of work risk assessment (POWRA) to identify and eliminate potential safety hazards—to protect our customers’ employees and Konecranes personnel.

And we’re the only overhead crane manufacturer to maintain a business unit—the Konecranes Training Institute—dedicated to training operators, maintenance personnel, health and safety managers, and upper management in safe, productive crane use.

  1. Service—Konecranes has a professional, systematic approach to maintenance that elevates our service above other providers. We educate our customers up front about code and regulation requirements, in addition to proper maintenance and OEM recommendations. Our professional approach to maintenance allows our customers to improve the safety and productivity of their facility.

  1. Industry specialists—We offer customers yet another advantage: Konecranes specialists who bring with them industry-specific expertise, for instance, automotive, steel and nuclear power. Their experience provides us inside knowledge of our customers’ processes and requirements, enabling us to design and apply equipment appropriately and to service industries in a way that best meets their needs.

Contact a Konecranes sales representative today to discover these advantages for your business.

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