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Konecranes Workstation Cranes Help Industrial Customers Boost Productivity, Safety

Chuck Snook
Sales Manager, Industrial Cranes

Konecranes designs and manufactures an array of workstation cranes and other workstation lifting equipment that advance productivity and safety and provide ergonomics that drive worker comfort and efficiency.

The Konecranes’ XA crane system truly offers the best in ergonomics, performance and aesthetics of workstation cranes in light lifting applications for applications that require up to two tons of lifting capacity.

Featuring modular design and steel construction, the XA workstation cranes offer superior, durable performance. The XA workstation cranes feature high structural strength and limited rolling resistance to facilitate quiet, smooth operation. Because of their modular design, XA cranes are bolted instead of welded together. This facilitates quick installation, expansion or upgrade of equipment, greatly reducing downtime.

These workstation cranes can be installed overhead, suspended from the ceiling or I-beams. This opens up space on the work floor below. The XA system may also be installed as a freestanding unit.

XA workstation cranes offer further versatility as they may be used throughout a production line. They are capable of moving on a variety of rail configurations, including monorails and single and double girder cranes.

Konecranes makes a variety of ergonomic lifting devices that may be used in combination with XA workstation cranes to boost productivity. One such lifting device is the Konecranes ATB Air Balancer features a floating load unit that helps workers pick, lift and precisely place items with ease. Powered by air pressure, the AirBalancer makes items feel nearly weightless, thus reducing repetitive strain on workers as well as workers compensation costs.

AirBalancer reduces other costs as well. It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional hoists due to its speed and flexibility of operation. It has shorter cycle times and faster lifting and lowering speeds.

Due to its speed and precision of operation, AirBalancer is especially valued for assembly operations in industries such as aviation, auto and solar energy. AirBalancer can be customized with control options and grab devices to make it the solution for about any application.

Special features include load weight compensation, automatic load sensing, ergonomic design and fully-enclosed control logic. It facilitates smooth, controlled movements, so it works well in handling fragile items.

The ATL Vertical Column Lifter, when paired with an XA workstation crane, offers a unique advantage for workers performing recurring activities—such as in a factory, or assembly plant. While most lifting devices need to be placed directly above the object’s center of gravity in order to lift and hold the load, the ATL vertical lifter does not. With this feature, operators can work quickly and easily, while lowering overall cycle time.

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