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How to Take Care of Your Crane

Claudio Urdampilleta
Technical Trainer, Konecranes Training Institute

Maintaining your crane is well worth the effort.

Here are three ways to enhance the safety and efficiency of your crane for years to come:

1. Implement a customized maintenance plan.

First and foremost, companies should consult a maintenance plan that meets their unique needs and circumstances. At Konecranes, we call our approach to maintenance Lifecycle Care. This is a systematic, consistent, comprehensive and professional approach to crane maintenance that aims to provide the Highest Lifecycle Value for the customer.

2. Invest in upgrades

Equipping your crane with the latest modernizations helps it run more smoothly, endure stress, and last longer. For example, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology enables programming and control of electric motors via electronic displays. VFD not only improves operator safety, ensures crane reliability, and saves energy costs, but it also drastically minimizes mechanical stress on components.

If your crane consistently suffers from wear and tear, it may be time to implement upgrades. Konecranes’ team of expert engineers is well equipped to help customers decide which modernizations are best suited to their needs.

3. Emphasize training

Crane inspectors, maintenance personnel and operators can work safely once they’ve developed knowledge and expertise. Because of this, comprehensive employee training is an essential component of any crane care plan. Inspectors and maintenance personnel should be educated on full the range of equipment they’re using and have a firm grasp on the inspection process. Crane operators should also master principles of proper safety crane usage, because misuse commonly causes equipment damage and preventable accidents.

Proactively caring for your crane takes time, money, and effort, but it always pays off. To learn more about how you can improve safety, avoid downtime, protect your workers, and prolong the life of your cranes, visit our services page or contact us. Visit the Konecranes Training Institute site at for training information.

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