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Workstation Crane Designs – Listening To Our Customers

Chuck Snook
Sales Manager, Industrial Cranes

The complexity and often exclusive needs of customers using workstation cranes requires a relationship between the customer and equipment provider.

The Konecranes XM Light Lifting Workstation Cranes System has been developed through relationships with our customers who required superior performance in the demanding daily work schedules of industries such as of Automotive, Aerospace, Manufacturing and many others.

Konecranes XM Steel Enclosed Track Cranes are part of a comprehensive Workstation Lifting Systems product line that provide productivity and safety enhancements through the use of ergonomic workstation solutions that include XA aluminum track profiles, XM jib cranes, Vertical Column Lifters, XN electric chain hoists, ATB AirBalancers and end effectors. Each individual application is developed in partnership between the customer and Konecranes and upon installation is supported by the largest service network in the industry .

Light lifting workstation Cranes are the perfect solution for improving safety, maximizing productivity uptime and reducing productivity downtime. XM workstation cranes solve the problems associated with heavy (sometimes classified as 25 lbs and up) repetitive lifting – that is worker fatigue and workplace injury, especially with an aging workforce and increased demands on production. Workstation cranes often support larger production cranes, ensuring that equipment, floor space and personnel are fully utilized. By creating Workstations, personnel are self sufficient and there are no wait times and existing overhead cranes do not exceed their intended duty cycle. Workstations are also utilized to reduce forklift traffic, which increase available production space and safety.

XM light lifting cranes are ideal for applications requiring a lifting capacity up to two tons. XM cranes are made of modular components that offer Konecranes customers a cost-efficient and productive solution to their daily lifting needs. In addition, these cranes are designed to make the most of limited space in busy industrial settings.

While commonly referred to as light lifting cranes, XM cranes are anything but and have been fortified with structural strength to withstand the rigors of constant lifting in the busiest of production environments. The design also provides class leading spans and capacities, drastically reducing required supports and lending itself to easily adapt to most existing building structures. Yet, the XM’s hollow type profiles are lightweight, promoting smooth, easy movement. Thanks to their nylon wheels with ball bearings, which reduce rolling resistance, they are easier to operate than competing cranes.

The XM Light Lifting Crane System offers Konecranes customers great flexibility in creating the perfect solution to fit their specific operations and production needs. The XM cranes modular, bolted design provides long term reliable performance and also reduces installation and maintenance costs. This design also provides the customer the flexibility to easily expand, modify or relocate these crane systems as their future production needs change. The bolted splice joints do not require an adjustment sleeve, which provides fast installation and is designed to prevent track misalignment. The articulating hanger design which can be fixed on slopes up to 20 degrees, minimizes impact forces applied to the rod and minimizes horizontal stress to the customers building structure. This design also allows hanger drops of up to 14” without the use of expensive sway bracing. The crane is available in four profile models with runway and bridge spans up to 30’, bridge lengths up to 34’ and a maximum capacity of 4400lbs. 

The modular construction of the XM Crane enables more sophisticated applications by combining straight tracks with curves, switches and turntables.

The XM Light Lifting system also offers several bridge configurations. Single girder models feature articulated bridge construction that provides the most ergonomic handling solution. Single or double girder models are also available with rigid bridge construction for longer spans or motorized movement. Konecranes also offer single and double girder low headroom models to maximize the high hook position, even in the tightest spaces – such as under a mezzanine or a previously unproductive storage area! Konecranes XA Aluminum Bridge Profiles can also be used in combination with the XM Runway.

Depending on the facility and production requirements, XM cranes can be installed as a free-standing unit or suspended from the ceiling or a combination of both. Konecranes can also suspend a system from a wall or column in the event that floor space cannot be compromised and overhead structure is simply not available.
Our team is ready to listen to your material handling challenges and deliver industry leading ideas.