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Using Workstation Cranes to Put in a Good Day’s Work – Day After Day

Bart Wells
Sales Manager for Workstation Lifting Systems

It is a fact—a growing number of companies, across a broad spectrum of industries rely on workstation cranes to improve the efficiency, productivity and safety of their operations. This is because workstation cranes offer the benefits of an overhead crane—smooth, easy material handling—without the high initial investment or installation costs. In fact, most workstation crane systems can cost a fraction of a typical overhead bridge crane and can be installed in less than a day.

If you are considering purchasing a workstation crane system, there are a wide variety of products and designs to choose from. For example, if you are looking for strong and steady lifting, a rugged steel system might the best fit for you. But, if your workers will be frequently positioning loads by hand, a lightweight and ergonomic aluminum system would be ideal. Both systems take up minimal space, offering great flexibility for crowded facilities. They can be suspended from a ceiling or I-beams or installed as a freestanding unit.

Jib cranes are also ideal in tight spots and areas with low headroom. They are available in wall-mounted and pillar-mounted models. Konecranes jib cranes feature an adjustable console bearing that facilitates adjustment of the horizontal beam to control unintended movements of the jib beam and trolley for safer, more efficient operation.

Portable gantry cranes, which typically have lifting capacities of one to five tons offer pinpoint accuracy, speed and ease of relocation. These cranes work well in a wide range of industrial applications, such as manufacturing, warehouses and loading docks, automotive, aircraft and trucking.

A variety of hoists can be used on a workstation crane. The Konecranes AirBalancer uses air pressure that makes items lifted by hand feel nearly weightless. It is equipped with a floating load unit that helps workers lift, move and precisely place items, including fragile items. It is relatively low maintenance, and its purchase costs, combined with its efficient performance, make it an attractive alternative to traditional workstation hoists.

Another great option for precise load handling is Konecranes’ CLX Electric Chain Hoist, which features an all-knew, robust aluminum frame with no plastic in the hoist body. It has a higher heat rating (-20 > + 50 C) and IP55 protective enclosures for demanding conditions. With a rapid 6:1 speed radio, the CLX can make the operator’s work more efficient, safe and precise.

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