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Jib Cranes Advantage: Adjustable Console Bearing

Chuck Snook
Sales Manager, Industrial Cranes

For one of the longest serving and most versatile types of lifting equipment in the industry—jib cranes—Konecranes has set new standards of performance and utility with its unique adjustable console bearing.

For Konecranes, safety and productivity enhancements are their first priority and the inspiration behind the innovative products they provide that lift their customers business.

Konecranes XM Jib Cranes are part of a comprehensive Workstation Lifting Systems product line that provide productivity and safety enhancements through the use of ergonomic workstation solutions that include enclosed steel and aluminum track profiles, jib cranes, vertical column lifters, electric chain hoists, AirBalancers and end effectors.

The adjustable console bearing is a standard feature that offers Konecranes jib cranes a competitive advantage over other brands and raises the utility of jib cranes in a wide variety of settings, such as loading docks and dock yards, factories, construction sites, warehouses and workshops.

Jib cranes offer their users many benefits. For example, they take up little space and help factories make the most use of available floor space, easily and with a quick return on their investment . They can be used as a primary lifting device within a facility to create highly productive work cells or used to supplement larger overhead cranes to ensure maximum equipment and worker utilization is achieved. The XM Jib Crane is available in Wall Mounted and Free Standing configurations and can be installed to accommodate about any building’s design and production layout. Konecranes also offers an Articulating Jib Crane design for custom applications. 

XM Jib Cranes can be equipped with Manual or Electric Chain hoists, or applications that demand high speed or precision, the revolutionary ATB AirBalancer. All manufactured and designed by Konecranes.

The adjustable console bearing of Konecranes models further extends the versatility, value and safety of jib cranes in day-to-day operations.  The console bearing design contributes to easy adjustment of the horizontal beam as well as adjustments to control unintended movements, or drifting,  of the jib beam and trolley, for safe, efficient operation. 

In addition to being a safety feature, the adjustable console bearing of Konecranes jib cranes is a time-saving, productivity booster. With other brands some disassembly and material is required to adjust for jib beam and trolley movement. However, the console beam facilitates needed adjustments without having to disassemble the equipment. 

Thanks to the console bearing, needed adjustments can be made quickly with little downtime, compared to models made by other companies.

The adjustable console bearing also makes installation of jib cranes easier and decreases the time it takes to move a jib crane from one location to another, for instance, when a factory modifies its production processes.

Safety is standard at Konecranes, which is why XM jib cranes offer other valuable standard features not found on most competitors’ equipment. These include an emergency stop button designed for convenient access on the hoist pendant as well as a main disconnect switch included on the column of all free standing models.

And like all cranes made by Konecranes, XM jib cranes are backed by their worldwide technical and service support team.

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