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How to Select the Right Chain Hoist

Tony Mannu
General Manager- Parts

If your facility has been relying on forklift trucks or manual labor for heavy lifting, it might be time to consider purchasing a chain hoist. Before you purchase the first chain hoist you see, be sure that either you or your crane equipment provider (preferably both) are making a well-researched decision. Here are a few considerations to help you ensure that the chain hoist you purchase will meet your needs.

First, discuss with your crane service provider the nature of your business and specifically how you will be using your chain hoist. For example, consider any special hazards that you would be dealing with. Is the crane for an outdoor application? Are there chemicals being handled? Will your crane be lifting food products?

Then, discuss how hard you are going to work your crane. Specify does your business run one, two or three shifts per day, and how many lifts will you be doing per each 8-hour shift? How much weight will this crane typically be lifting?

With this information, a crane equipment provider can recommend the style and duty level of the crane you’ll require. They will be able to determine whether it needs to be hook mounted and have a push trolley or motorized trolley. If a manual product will work best, we can recommend either a manual block or a lever hoist. Depending on your application, you may need a single speed, dual speed, dual trolley speed or a variable speed hoist.

For safety reasons, a remote radio-operated chain hoist might be the best option, especially if there are obstacles along the path of the chain hoist. When the crane operator will benefit from standing further away from heavy objects, radio controls are a must.

When you are ready to request a quote for a chain hoist, also remember to specify the voltage you need. Konecranes hoists can work in a wide array of electrical voltages in the 50 or 60 Hz families. It is critical that the crane supplier knows which voltage you need. If these numbers do not match up, the chain hoist will not work.

To learn more about Konecranes how to select the right electric chain hoist, contact your local Konecranes service branch. Our experts will be happy to help you with everything from quoting to installation.

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