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Crane Technology Matters (Part One)

Mike James
Vice President and General Manager of Industrial Cranes

Advances in crane technology continue to result in improved safety, load handling, reliability and overall performance for overhead lifting equipment. 

Here at Konecranes, our industry-leading design helps customers derive maximum utility from their limited space. Standard Konecranes cranes often fit where others don’t, or offer more hook coverage in a building without needing to pay for special clearance configurations.  

Konecranes’ dedication to research and development helps manufacturing and transport facilities work more efficiently and control operating costs. Adjustable Frequency Travel Drives come standard in our cranes and allow the crane to run smoothly, which makes it easier for an operator to control and position loads. In older cranes, when you started your equipment, a high load passed through the gearing and mechanical structure, causing excessive wear. The advanced controls from Konecranes assist with significant reductions in mechanical wear, often associated with high starting and impact loading. The result is dramatically reduced mechanical repair expenses. This increases the mechanical life and minimizes downtime for repairs--all from an electrical improvement!

Another example of advanced crane technology from Konecranes is True Lift, an innovation that positions loads quickly and accurately. It minimizes horizontal hook movement to five millimeters per meter of lift. In the old days and with most other manufacturers still today, Hoists with conventional single reeving are prone to a large horizontal movement of the hook as the cable winds on the drum and moves from the hook’s low position to high position.  In applications where this movement was unacceptable the only solution was “double reeving” through what is called “true vertical lift”.  While this DOES keep the hook centered from full up to down it comes at the expense of a drum that is virtually twice as long. It also reduces hoist approaches and calls for more sheaves, adding cost.  KONECRANES “TRUE LIFT” minimizes the horizontal movement of the hook, without adding cost or reeving complexity.  This is just another example of why crane technology matters.

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