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Crane Safety Training for a Safer Workplace

James Lang
General manager at Konecranes Training Institute

Lifting equipment can come with a variety of built-in safety features, but to truly create a safer workplace, it is critical to learn crane safety techniques. Crane incidents (near hits, near misses & accidents) are often a result of operator error. Studies have shown that human error plays a role in over 80 percent of overhead lifting equipment accidents.

In our 2011 Konecranes Training Institute study, which analyzed nearly 250 OSHA reported crane incidents, we determined that 70 percent of these incidents may have been prevented by proper training and 74 percent of the incidents occurred during routine job activities.

The Konecranes Training Institute puts a strong emphasis on crane safety in all of its courses for crane operation, crane maintenance and crane inspection.  Companies that use Konecranes equipment – and other brands of cranes and hoists— can and will benefit from these course.

The training provided by the Konecranes Training Institute is practical, entirely based on real-world, on-the-job experience. Students can take their training at the Institute and apply the training directly to their own operations.

Our programs teach overhead crane operators the following important information:
• Crane operator techniques that minimize load swing and how to control it.
• Crane operator requirements covered by OSHA 1910.179 and ASME B30.2
• How to perform precision lifts and accurate load spotting
• How to document and perform OSHA-required crane inspections
• Recommended hand signals
• Rigging process for attaching a load to the hook
• Crane operator qualifications and requirements
• Functions of crane components and assemblies
• And more

Our crane safety training can also be provided on-site in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at your business location or via regional seminars in 40 cities each year, and we offer consulting services to help businesses safely use overhead lifting equipment.

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