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Crane Modernizations Provide the Latest Productivity & Technology Advances Without the Cost of New Equipment

Cal Sproul
Modernizations and Advanced Service Manager

Crane modernizations solve the dilemma that many companies face: being caught between the conflicting realities of ramping up productivity to stay competitive and having to operate within budgetary constraints that limit new equipment purchases.

Modernizations programs equip companies with machinery that is updated to meet current industry and safety standards – and productivity demands – at a fraction of the cost of buying brand new lifting equipment.

Crane modernizations can provide customers the additional production capacity they need in a fiscally responsible way that also makes prudent use of material resources. Modernizations build upon the existing structure and viable components of the original crane. Modernizations can be performed multiple times on a piece of heavy-duty lifting equipment to substantially extend its lifespan and useful service. Further, most modernizations can be planned in stages; this allows for smaller outages and budget commitments while achieving substantial returns on investments and gains in productivity.

This program takes outmoded cranes and transforms them into state-of-the-art and state-of-the-industry machines at a substantial savings compared to new equipment purchases.

Crane mods replace worn-out and obsolete parts with next generation components. In addition, modernized cranes benefit from the latest automated technology, new electrical systems, sophisticated drives and control systems that are designed to provide the most accurate positioning in the industry, and improved speed performance for optimal productivity. Additionally, crane mods may utilize radio control systems, crane control panels, power supply packages, retrofit inverter controls and load limiters to further maximize the performance of the crane.

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