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Life as a Service Sales Professional

The Customer Consultant

The Service Sales Representative is the Service Manager’s right hand when it comes to customer service. In branches where the customer base would be far too large for just the Service Manager to handle, a Service Sales Representative comes in as a customer consultant—with sales, not operation, as his or her main focus.

Since the Service Sales Representative handles sales relating to services that Konecranes can provide the customer, it is important that the Service Sales Representative has a good understanding of mechanical and electrical crane components.

Opportunities for Growth

At Konecranes, we have over 100 branches in just the United States alone. This fact, combined with our growing customer base, means that we are always looking for qualified people to help our Service branches run smoothly. For the Service Sales Representative position, we are looking for someone to combine technical know-how with a desire to help customers’ businesses grow by providing recommendations for applicable products and services at the right time.

“At Konecranes, there are so many opportunities. You can start as a technician and work your way up. I have aspirations to be a service manager or a branch manager someday. I think that no other better place in Konecranes to have those opportunities.”
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Konecranes is looking for qualified Service Sales Representatives to strengthen and grow our strong team. If you have a passion for personal development, team management, and customer service, fill out an application today!

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