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Life as an INSPECTOR

Safety First, Last and Always

Inspections are a critical part of Konecranes’ overhead crane business. For this reason, we take care to hire skilled Inspectors who can spot deficiencies and recommend accurate repair work, all while meeting OSHA safety standards, local regulations and the original manufacturer’s recommendations. The Inspector’s job is critical for keeping the customer’s operation safe, productive and compliant with all applicable laws.

Konecranes inspectors should have a minimum of one year of experience in crane service or equivalent experience. Six months of experience as a Service Technician is preferred. To ensure that our customers receive the quality they have come to trust from Konecranes, we require a minimum of 2,000 hours of documented maintenance or inspection field hours on overhead cranes.

Service Inspection Work

At Konecranes, our Inspectors are Service Technicians that spend the majority of their time performing crane inspection and routine maintenance work.
“I liked to be challenged and it gives me satisfaction and pride knowing I'm doing something important to help keep Konecranes and its customers moving, growing and safe.

“I've worked with lots of great people during my years at Konecranes who have a lot of knowledge. There is something to learn from everyone.”
-Gary Jenkins, Service Technician/Inspector, Indianapolis, Indiana

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Konecranes is looking for qualified Inspectors to strengthen and grow our strong team. If you have a passion for personal development, team management, and customer service, fill out an application today!

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