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In larger branches, the customer base can increase to a level that the Service Supervisor cannot focus on duties relating to inspections and another resource is required—the Inspection Coordinator. The Inspection Coordinator assumes total responsibility of the inspection operational activities such as scheduling and quoting. He/she also may assist in outside sales activities if needed.

An ideal Inspection Coordinator has a technical background in order to understand the details involved with overhead crane inspections and explain it to the customer. Having the customer’s best interest at heart is key, as the Inspection Coordinator is the main line of communication to the customer regarding the renewal of inspections. The responsibility of customer retention for inspections falls on the Inspection Coordinator.

Be Part of a Strong Team

The Inspection Coordinator is a strong link in the Konecranes chain. Though it can be a challenging position, filled with varied responsibilities, the Konecranes support network provides quality training, and other team members are supportive and helpful.

“I think our Service department is what sets Konecranes apart from other companies. Our inspections are very thorough and detailed, our technical expertise is unparalleled and our response time is excellent. Konecranes cares a lot about the safety and wellbeing of their employees and customers. We have good leadership, which makes me feel optimistic about the future.” View Chris' Career Story

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Konecranes is looking for qualified Inspection Managers to strengthen and grow our strong team. If you have a passion for personal development, team management, and customer service, fill out an application jtoday!

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