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Life as a CONTRACT SALES Professional

Connecting Customers to Services

The Contract Sales Representative in the Service branch is responsible for developing new business opportunities, primarily through the sale of Inspection and Preventive Maintenance agreements (also called the “CARE Program”). The purpose of this role is to connect customers who need our services, with our services.

Customer Relationships for Long-Term Growth

A Contract Sales Representative needs to be a “people person”. They must build relationships with current and potential customers in the local area in order to connect them to the appropriate level of Care they need through Inspection and Preventive Maintenance agreements.

The goal of a Contract Sales Representative is to improve the safety, reliability and productivity of the overhead cranes and equipment at the customer’s facility. This is achieved using information gathered thorough inspections, detailed tours and most importantly, by listening to the customer to hear the desired needs and goals of their business. 

“I think the key factor to Konecranes success is the proactive services they we provide. When you educate clients to commit to preventative maintenance rather than ‘I will call you if and when it breaks, just give me the bare minimum inspection’ you are truly providing what the customer needs, even if they didn’t know it at that time.” View Kari's Career Story

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Konecranes is looking for qualified Contract Sales Managers to strengthen and grow our strong team. If you have a passion for personal development, team management, and customer service, fill out an application today!

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