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CLX Electric Chain Hoist Cranes

Chain hoist cranes customized to your needs

We offer a range of electric and manual hoists, adding to Konecranes’ versatility in designing cranes to customers’ specific requirements. Other options you may choose from include single or double girder construction, profile or box type girders and over- or under-running configurations to fit your application and facility.

You also have the option of buying a full CLX chain hoist crane or updating an existing crane with one of our top-performing electric chain hoists.

Cranes that offer strength and safety

No matter your selection, all of our chain hoist cranes feature a strong steel structure that’s made to last and take stress off your building. The step-less speed inverter control of our chain hoist cranes provides operators optimal load control for safer operation. And the electrical limit switch prevents electrical overloading.

We design our cranes to minimize headroom and hook approaches, which helps you maximize use of your facility space below your chain hoist crane. To further the safe operation of our cranes, we offer you the option of collision avoidance devices.

Our sales representatives are ready to help you find the best chain hoist cranes for your applications. Contact us today.

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The CLX is made to last. With a 50% ED rating, CLX enables 300 starts per hour and keeps your workstation running. To make your lifting operations safer, we have also designed a new, patented chain drive that reduces stress on the chain. Discover how CLX can be your toughest worker.



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