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Standard Industrial Cranes

Increase Production with Our Standard Cranes

To raise productivity in a new manufacturing or processing facility, it can often be necessary to purchase an industrial crane system. With Konecranes’ breadth of products and services, we have what you need to install a complete crane system, a workstation crane system or upgrade your existing hoist.

Konecranes experts can work with you to determine the best lifting options for new or existing facilities—determining the space requirements for the hoist/trolley system, installing variable frequency drives to enhance safety and productivity and engineering custom options depending on your specific need.

Cost-Savings with Low Headroom Cranes

Konecranes CXT cranes maximize headroom and lifting height, which allows the floor area under the cranes to be used more efficiently and minimizes the required height above and below the crane. The initial savings in building investment as well as in heating, air conditioning and other costs amount to considerable savings.

Hoist Delivery to suit your Facility’s Needs

Choose our CXT Wire Rope Hoist Crane for increased customization options or our Compact-10, which features CXT Hoist technology, competitive price and quick delivery.

The CXT comes in multiple trolley types, designed to adapt to the size of the facility or the desired lifting height. The CXT hoist is designed to be compact in order to maximize the available lifting space in the facility. 

Fast Service and Installation Through Turnkey Supplier

When you purchase a standard industrial crane from Konecranes, you are purchasing a system that is backed by 12,000 experts across the globe. With over 100 service locations in the United States, the Konecranes service team is global yet close enough to home to be available at a moment’s notice.