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CXT Electric Wire Rope Hoist

More speed, productivity and precision

When you choose the Konecranes CXT electric wire rope hoist, you are choosing more: more efficient and reliable operation, more speed control options and a more reliable maintenance schedule when compared to the average hoist. That’s because the CXT wire rope hoist was built after performing a thorough study of our customers’ needs for speed, usability and adaptability to various manufacturing settings.

Most customers need a steady, reliable hoist that can operate with predictable speed, yet with enough customization options available to suite the particular needs of their facility. That is why variable frequency drives (VFDs) come standard on our hoists and trollies. VFDs automatically limit load sway and provide a smoother ramp ups and slow downs, which protect the hoist from damage due to abrupt stopping and starting.

To further increase the productivity and safety of your facility, CXT hoists can be customized with inverter speed controls on the bridge, wireless radio controls and Smart Features.

High technology in a compact size

Konecranes CXT wire rope hoists often fit into buildings where standard-sized hoists cannot. This is due to its compact dimensions. This allows our hoists to fit into most existing facilities, while maximizing the available working space below. Because our hoists tend to fit into existing facilities without issue, an investment in a CXT hoist over another option could result in savings because of the reduced building investment that may have otherwise been required to adapt the facility to the size of a standard hoist.

Satisfied CXT wire rope hoist customer

Konecranes recommended replacing both of their customer’s old-style hoists with modern Konecranes CXT hoists and upgrading contactor controls to variable frequency drives. The customer agreed, and the two new hoists were installed. Since then, crane downtime at this facility has plummeted by 85 percent, and the customer has had only one repair since. There have been no repairs on either crane in the past year.

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The CXT is ideal for up to 80 tons of industrial lifting in almost any industrial setting, be it assembly, workshop, industrial plant or anything between. With its robust design, specially-tailored girder and trolley configurations, and available Smart Features, discover how CXT can be the perfect solution for your business.