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Career stories

Yong Hwee

It’s people who create and add value.
Regional Manager

Keep it exciting

I’m a regional manager responsible for crane delivery activities in Southeast Asia. The job involves plenty of cooperation with diverse industries using lifting equipment, for example in production facilities, port yards, steel mills or hydropower plants. I also travel a lot in my region and to Finland. It’s a joy to work with a wonderful and supportive team, and it’s great to add value in some very interesting projects. I have an exciting job.

Focus on people

Konecranes has an innovative and people-oriented culture. It is recognized that it is people that make things happen and it is through people that value is created. Our personnel are constantly generating new ideas and leading the market with innovative smart solutions. We also keep customer equipment productive by means of prompt, cost-effective maintenance services. The Konecranes value of lifting people goes well with my personal beliefs.

On the right track

I first heard of Konecranes when I was a young engineer. Back then I wanted to find a job that offered an exciting and challenging environment. Today I am happy to say I found what I was looking for. Konecranes offers plenty of opportunities for training, job rotation and professional growth. If you are a positive, proactive and a value-adding contributor, your opportunities will be unlimited. We need team players with the right positive mindset.