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Career stories

Mike and Steve James

Konecranes is a good company. We are here to stay.

The James Brothers

It isn’t just the Wild West that has an infamous pair of “James Brothers”; Konecranes has a pair, too. Our James Brothers, Mike and Steve, have made quite a splash at Konecranes, having worked here for 45 and 40 years, respectively.

Here Since High School

Older brother Mike and younger brother Steve attended high school in Milwaukee,Wisc. five years apart. At that time, P&H™, which was later acquired by Konecranes, targeted high school students who took advanced math, science and mechanical drafting classes for recruitment. Both brothers were hired from this process five years apart.

Right out of high school, Mike started working for the Technical Publications Group, giving up the opportunity to become an assistant manager at the local Dutchland Dairy Restaurant. Now, he is the Vice President of Industrial Crane Sales at Konecranes. “In hindsight, I definitely made the right decision,” Mike smiled.

Taking his brother’s lead, Steve James, started in the Crane Engineering Group and now supports front line sales as a Project Specialist in the Engineered Modernizations Group. “Working with Konecranes has been very fulfilling for me. It is rewarding to see solutions I’ve sold contributing to an essential part of the customer’s process.”

Here to Stay

Both brothers highly recommend Konecranes as a great place to start career. “You receive excellent training,” said Steve. “They want you to grow with the company. Because of their focus on having highly skilled people, I think that Konecranes will be around for a long time to come.”

“I think that Konecranes has done an amazing job coming from a small worldwide player in the ‘80s to now being the #1 overhead crane company in the world—and not by a little bit. We are always growing, there are always opportunities for advancement,” said Mike. “At any given time, there are 100 jobs available. This is a great company to work for, especially for someone who is just starting out.”