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Konecranes cares about its employees.
Hyvinkaa, Finland
Service Manager, Service Integrations

Never a dull moment

I work for service business development and my main responsibilities are to help in the acquisition process and to integrate new companies and people into our organization. Because we are looking for growth through service company acquisitions and outsourcing contracts, we have a steady flow of new people transferring to our organization. That means we have to harmonize safety, customer service, work practices, and products into “One Konecranes”. We also adopt new ideas and proven business practices from the companies we buy. In other words, I am always learning something new on the job.

Lots of independence

Working at Konecranes feels natural to me. I like my job because each integration case is different. I get to travel, meet new people, and see new places. I also get to manage my job the way I see best. My job also gives me a good understanding of the big picture behind our business. The customer is king. We have to respond to customer needs with the right mix of service attitude and technical expertise. I cannot emphasize enough that effective customer service is at the heart of our business.

Ambition pays off

Konecranes is still a relatively young company. We have grown rapidly in the past 16 years, and now is the time to fine-tune our operations as we make our way into the “Big League”. Even if we’re constantly evolving, I like how one thing hasn’t changed: Konecranes cares about its employees. There are a plenty of opportunities for professional growth and job rotation. Before my current position, I’d done all kinds of work in the company, including a summer internship, purchasing duties and R&D engineering. Making the most of these opportunities depends on your own activity and performance.

I also like how my current work allows me travel up to 100 days per year. Even though I am on the move most of the time, my work still gives me plenty of free time. I am a cycling enthusiast and I try to compete in mountain biking races. Many of my co-workers are also active in sports, so it’s something that really brings us together.