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Pune, India
Engineer Manager, Electrical

Supporting teams globally

My job is to support electrical engineering globally in my role as Engineering Manager, Electrical at the Konecranes facility in Pune. I order engineering for standard & heavy-duty cranes, offer engineering for standard duty cranes, and also function as item master and CAD component creator. I take pride in our team and in our performance. I feel proud to work for such a great company that lifts things.

Quality begins with a single component

Konecranes is always coming up with innovative technical solutions. Our job is to support Konecranes globally in the quest to make ever better products with the best quality, safety and reliability. Essentially this boils down to providing  top quality electrical design, sticking to schedules and keeping our promises while keeping in mind the overall objective.  Our task is to create electrical items and E3 CAD components of the finest quality.

A growing role for India

Konecranes is a responsible employer and is heading in the right direction. We are provided with plenty of opportunities for professional growth and job rotation, and Konecranes values are manifested in all processes. For my part, I’m hoping to take on growing responsibilities in India and envision that 75% of global Konecranes engineering will come from India in the medium to long run. Don’t miss the opportunities.