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I am looking forward to a long future (and retirement!) with Konecranes.
Bloomington, IL, United States
Contract Sales Representative

Opportunities for Advancement

Officially I have the title of Sales Representative/New Business Development. However our branch currently consists of myself, a working/service supervisor, and six technicians, so as anyone can imagine there are times that you have to pull together and help out where needed. 
It’s really exciting to know that the possibility of advancement is always available somewhere within the Konecranes family.  It’s every reason I went back to college to help myself advance in my career.  I am looking forward to a long future (and retirement!) with Konecranes

Training right off the bat

One of the things I brag about often is the investment that Konecranes has made in training me right off the bat. The first twelve weeks I spent with the company was spent at different branches within the Great Lakes District.  My district team sent me out to spend time working with several different technicians, inspectors, other sales representatives, and different office personnel. I don’t want to forget the official “trainers” that have spent several hours with me as well.  This hands-on experience was very valuable to me—it made it so that when I entered my sales territory I could hit the ground running.

Providing the best for our customers

Konecranes is a global leader in the crane industry.  They have become this by providing not only cranes and lifting equipment, but by providing industry leading service for our customers as well.  I think the key factor to Konecranes success is the proactive services they we provide. When you educate clients to commit to preventative maintenance rather than “I will call you if and when it breaks, just give me the bare minimum inspection” you are truly providing what the customer need, even if they didn’t know it at that time.