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Konecranes took a chance on me just as I took a chance on them. I’ve never considered a career at another place since that day.
Tempe, Arizona, United States
Industrial Crane Sales

Best Time of my Life

When I started with Konecranes in 2006 in the Management Development Program (MDP), I had the unique opportunity of spending a year in the field as an apprentice technician. This was a complete lifestyle change for me as I was coming from a vastly different background as a financial advisor. You’ve never seen someone so excited to turn in their suits and ties for a technician’s uniform.

Konecranes’ MDP is designed to give participants exposure to as many different situations and environments as possible. While I lacked much of the knowledge and skills that true technicians had developed throughout their years, I was always eager to listen, ask questions and take in as much as I could. Towards the end of that year in the field, I was actually performing inspections and doing minor repairs on my own.

As I reflect on my first year with Konecranes, I can easily say that it was one of the greatest years of my life. I had found a company that I enjoyed working for and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in a field I had never explored and made some friends for life with a group of amazing people.

Continuous Improvement

I would chalk up my entire first year with the company as one continuous training exercise. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to spend an entire year in the field. The hands-on knowledge I obtained working directly with the cranes and technicians for a year has helped me tremendously in every role that I’ve held in the company. Konecranes’ commitment to the continuous training and development of its employees is proof that they know it’s the quality of people that makes this company so successful.

My Dream Job

I had made it no secret for the previous six years to anyone willing would listen to me that I would someday love to handle the Industrial Crane sales in the Southwest US region. Due to some territorial changes, I was awarded the position of Industrial Crane sales for the Southwest region. I was ecstatic and remain so today. I’ve been fortunate enough to work myself into the exact position I wanted for so many years and I love it.

I think my history in this company speaks volumes to someone looking to become part of something they can appreciate and be proud of. I was a young guy a few years out of college looking for something I could enjoy doing every day. I wasn’t sure at the time if Konecranes was that place, but they took a chance on me just as I took a chance on them. I’ve never considered a career at another place since that day.