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Look for lasting solutions.
Manager, Purchasing and Platform

It’s a global playing field

I’ve been working for Konecranes for ten years now and am currently Manager, Purchasing and Platform at our electrical equipment production facility in Hyvinkää, Finland. I’m responsible -together with the purchasing team- for material acquisitions at our facility, and also take responsibility for product platform and support functions. The job gives me the opportunity to work with lots of different kinds of people from Finland and abroad. Thinking global is an everyday reality for us.

Bring out the engineer in you

As an engineer it’s fascinating to work for a company that lifts things. Our company offers a world of lifting products and solutions, and you get the chance to learn about all kinds of different applications and customer needs. In my job I look for solutions that bring distinct added value. Sometimes it’s easy to solve a single problem, but the trick is to seek solutions that are beneficial in the long run – which is something which Konecranes excels at. Many projects target better business and the well-being of employees.

Always opportunities

Konecranes has always provided me with new assignments and opportunities to grow. I’ve always been able to express my own wishes as well. As a result I’ve held positions as a Design Engineer, Project Engineer, Line Manager, and Global Manufacturing Development Manager, with two of these jobs located in Shanghai. Right now I’m getting ready to take on new responsibilities as a Plant Manager. All these jobs involve lots of travel and I look forward to more travel in the future. It gives you a fresh perspective on things.