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Career stories


There are always opportunities for growth at Konecranes.
Pune, India
Team leader

Right things happen at the right time

Konecranes was on my list of top places to work before I got recruited in April 2007. I was working for a big local manufacturer and was particularly impressed by the compact design and automation technology of Konecranes products. Fortunately, I was soon recruited and started as an electrical designer for heavy lifting process cranes. Since mid-2010 I have been leading our item management and E3 components team. It’s a great job. I enjoy managing people and the work assigned to our team.

Running smooth

We’re here to lift the businesses of our customers.  Basically, this is about ensuring that the cranes delivered by Konecranes increase productivity and run smoother for longer periods of time. In our team, we create and modify items according to set rules, as well as create CAD libraries for the benefit of others. There are always opportunities for growth at Konecranes. So work hard, and be ready for the next challenge.

Platform for growth

I don’t travel as a part of my job but I love to travel. My plans definitely include working abroad for Konecranes in the coming years. It’s been a great journey so far, and I recommend Konecranes as an employer to anyone seeking a wonderful career. Konecranes offers a great platform to explore yourself. Feel lucky if you work for Konecranes, and be prepared for a bright future.