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Career stories


Enjoy the job and look forward to it each day.
Bergen, Norway
Service Coordinator

Keeping things together

I’m the service coordinator in Bergen. My responsibilities include helping technicians in their day-to-day work, making orders, plane reservations, ordering office supplies and so on. I also do invoicing, accounts handling and update our Norwegian web pages and company handbook. I enjoy the job and look forward to going to work each day.

Customer knows best

I like the people I work with and I also like it that there’s so many different things to do. We’re all here to lift the businesses of our customers and my role in this is to make sure everything runs smoothly, both internally and on the customer side. A big role in all this is played by our customer satisfaction program, for which I contact customers for feedback on a regular basis.

Grow with the job

Back in 2008 when I started in Konecranes this line of work was new to me. But there are plenty of opportunities for training, professional growth and job rotation. I find the job exciting and I like that it is international. Now, close to four years later, I have many new responsibilities and great colleagues – so I would say I made a terrific choice!