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Career stories


Look in the mirror and develop yourself.
Rosmalen, Netherlands
Contract Manager, New Business

Selling TRUST

Konecranes offers many opportunities to learn every day and to develop your own career. I started in January 2006 as a sales engineer for maintenance contracts and light lifting equipment in the southern part of the Netherlands. Since then I have participated in a lot of product/equipment training, the most impressive of which was the Contract Workshop in Springfield USA. In 2007 we started in Benelux a service sales training program to learn how to “open the doors” of new companies, sell them added value and get them to trust our company, which is really important in the service areas in which we operate. The training has really changed my way of working. Innovation, ambition, communication & commitment are some keywords that describe my approach.

Look in the mirror and develop yourself

During the Konecranes Academy, which I started in 2008 and graduated from in 2010, I have learned about communication, leadership and coaching people, among other things. The most interesting part for me was learning about how to recognize and react to the personality traits of people, for example their extrovertedness or introvertedness, information processing habits, decision-making and lifestyle. What I learned the most about was my own traits and how to you use or adapt this knowledge when communicating with people. Focusing on personality traits gives you many opportunities, challenges, and advantages “to get things done”. At the end of 2008 I became contract manager and got the opportunity to put my skills into practice and coach and train other people.

A social network

Almost all training courses are taught by Konecranes people. The advantage is that everyone works according to the same corporate mission, values and brand promises. You also get to meet colleagues from around the world from all kinds of areas. This makes the lines shorter when you are looking for information, support, products, or services. The social aspect of training is always very interesting.

I’m feeling happy and comfortable working for Konecranes and its world-class products and services!