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Overcome challenges as a team.
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Branch Manager

Playing for the team

My story with Konecranes started with a newspaper advertisement more than 20 years ago.  The job was for an accounts payable clerk in Springfield, Ohio. Later, I participated in opening the Phoenix Service Office. My titles have been Administrator, Maintenance Coordinator, Service Supervisor, Service Manager and now Branch Manager. We are the largest branch in our district. I like it when we overcome challenges as a team.

It’s nice to show results

I enjoy telling customers about Konecranes. I also like seeing how our customers get results and knowing Konecranes was a big part of the success. We have a great maintenance program that we can sell in the beginning. After that we learn their processes and take the relationship deeper. It’s about making their processes more productive and safe.  When a customer truly partners with us it is fun to do a business review and show the results and the trends.

Growing strong

I have seen the company go through a lot of changes and I am very happy for the chance to be a part of them. I was around and involved when the first service branch started in Springfield. It is amazing how far and fast everything grew, so there is no end in sight for Konecranes. My personal plans would be either to train and support the up and coming enterprise IT programs, or I would like to take my operations experience and go to the district level. Either way I’m sure I can count on the support I have always had when trying something new.