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Don’t stand still
Cwmbran, South Wales, United Kingdom
Branch manager

Running the show

I’m a branch manager in Cwmbran, South Wales, with overall responsibility for running all aspects of our operations, including being mother to a dozen service technicians. It all started sometime ago with a newspaper advertisement, which landed me a job as a service technician for a company that was acquired by Konecranes. Later I progressed to service manager. I’m glad to say I made the right choice. I enjoy the variation of the customers we deal with and the satisfaction when all goes right.

More than a great product

Konecranes is a company that understands we’re in the business of selling more than just a great product. We’re here to contribute, assist and improve the businesses of our customers. Especially within the service division it is about getting the right people and supplying these people with a position that satisfies their working needs, however varied they may be. Konecranes can and does provide opportunities for all to progress with different roles – or even the same roles in different locations should the employee wish.

Opportunities near and far

I feel secure in this business I’m knowledgeable of, but who knows what the future will bring? At the moment I’m concentrating on being a successful branch manager, and am also studying for a bachelor’s in business management. If another task within the company comes along I’ll grasp it with both hands, but wherever I end up personal pride dictates that I have to make a success of it. To potential applicants I would like to say Konecranes opens up opportunities both near and far, you just need to decide what you want and where you would like to go.