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There is always something new to learn.
Saint Petersburg, Russia
District Operations Manager

Responsibility comes with the job

I was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where I work and live nowadays. In December 2010, I was appointed manager of Konecranes’ spare parts operations in Russia. It was a new position that requires me to take care of spare parts sales across the country. I also have to make sure the spare parts supply chain is running smoothly and our service business is getting the right support. It’s a big responsibility, but the company trusts me to get the job done. You have to trust people to run a business like this.

Colleagues are there when you need them

The spare parts business is fast-paced and dynamic.We work non-stop to ship high-quality components and equipment around Russia. We also want our customers to lift their own businesses and maintain a high level of productivity, so on-time delivery is essential. The continuous support I get from my Konecranes team makes this possible.I can rely on my colleagues to be there when I need them. When you need an answer to a question, you get feedback not only from your country team, but also from Konecranes employees around the world.

Expanding horizons

I’ve been working for Konecranes for 6 years now. I’ve worked in a wide variety of positions and met many interesting people along the way. I appreciate how the company has helped me widen my outlook and develop professionally. It’s also important to me that Konecranes is open to innovation. You never feel bored because we are constantly working on new products. There is always something new to learn. I like to tell my friends that Konecranes has a special spirit and that deciding to work here was good choice.