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The Yard Revolution: Automated Rubber Tired Gantry (ARTG) Crane The Yard Revolution: Automated Rubber Tired Gantry (ARTG) Crane View
4 mobile harbour crane View
6 Mobile harbour crane View
A Smarter Cabin The Smarter Cabin View
Advanced Diagnostics and Performance Services for Heavy/Process Industries Konecranes offers an extensive range of advanced diagnostic planning and performance services that drive deeper than typical crane inspections to meet the demands of heavy process industry. View
Auto Steering for RTG Cranes Brochure Auto Steering for RTG Cranes Brochure View
Automated Storage and Retrieval System: Complete and Eco-efficient Solution for Paper Warehouses The Konecranes Automated Storage and Retrieval System features state-of-the-art technology, enabling the system to be linked to any major Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The system optimizes use of storage space thus reducing building construction costs. And the system's modern control technology saves energy. For instance, the braking system feeds braking energy back into the power grid. View
Automotive Industry Cranes: The Right Lifting Solution for Your Processes Automotive Industry Cranes: The Right Lifting Solution for Your Processes View
Boxrunner: The agile multi purpose straddle carrier Boxrunner: The agile multi purpose straddle carrier View
BOXRUNNER: The Agile, Multi-purpose Straddle Carrier BOXRUNNER serves as a flexible link between ship-to-shore (STS) cranes and yard stacking cranes in large container terminals that are adopting automation technology to improve efficiency. Equipped with electronic-hydraulic steering and six wheels, each with an independent maintenance-free suspension assembly, the BOXRUNNER provides solid control and stability in handling containers and travelling the yard. View
CLX Chain Hoist Crane - For everyday lifting CLX Chain Hoist Crane - For everyday lifting View
CLX Electric Chain Hoist: Performance You Can Count On The CLX Electric Chain Hoist is ideal for diverse manufacturing environments, from high-speed load transfers to precise assembly work. The CLX can be used in a wide range of applications, such as workstation cranes, overhead cranes, jib cranes and a variety of fixed configurations. View
Coil and Plate Handling Crane Technical Specs These cranes are used to transport bars, plates, or coils in the rolling area. They are high-speed cranes that can be equipped with a variety of lifting devices depending on the material to be handled. They will often be equipped with Smart Features to make them more productive. View
Coker Crane brochure Our coker cranes include technologies that promote safe and reliable operations, improve productivity and maximize service life. View
Combination of Excellence: Container Positioning Information System Combination of Excellence: Container Positioning Information System View
Compliance Gap Analysis Brochure The Compliance Gap Analysis has been designed to render an expert opinion whether your current crane operations and maintenance practices are in sync with applicable regulatory requirements and best practices. View
Containner Lift truck empty containers are non-paying containers that have to be moved out of the way and brought back into play, with the greatest possible efficiency. our empty container lift trucks offer a very fast total operating speed as a function of lifting, lowering and driving speed based on load-sensing hydraulics. the range has midmounted or rear-mounted cabins and excellent stability View
Corporate Overview: Your Partner in Lifting Konecranes is an industry-leading group of lifting businesses that offers a complete range of advanced lifting solutions to many types of industries worldwide. Regardless of your lifting needs, Konecranes will provide you with lifting equipment and services that increase the productivity and value of your business. We lift entire businesses as we deliver the highest lifecycle value of lifting solutions, and the lowest lifecycle cost. View
Crane Radio Control Konecranes offers two crane radio control product families: REMOX and MiniJoystick. MiniJoystick is a new, ergonomic radio, designed by Konecranes. The joystick makes crane controlling extremely ergonomic, and proves to be an easy way to control speed. REMOX radio control increases efficiency and reduces operating risks, providing the operator a good view of the load on the hook. View
Crane Radio Control: Faster, Safer, Easier a crane is typically controlled from a distance.the usual way of controlling a regular assembly workshop crane is by using a pendant controller hanging from the crane or wirelessly with a radio control. In some special applications and full automation cranes, the control method can be a cabin or a separate control room or even sophisticated erP system View