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Process and Engineered Cranes

Heavy Duty Process Cranes

Konecranes has over 80 years of experience engineering process cranes for specialized environments in the Steel, Automotive, PetrochemicalEnergy from Waste and Paper industries. As the world’s industry leader for Process Cranes, we understand how to customize your Process Crane to exactly what you need.

Facilities with process overhead cranes depend on reliability, as a breakdown can cost thousands of dollars per hour in lost production. Because of this, we’ve designed our cranes to be intelligent, automated and robust to keep your facility up and running.

Fast, Smart Crane Automation with SMARTON

Our sophisticated SMARTON crane is meant to automate your process, no matter what it might be. With advanced automation features like Target Positioning, End Positioning, Sway Control and Shock Load Prevention, you can feel comfortable that your crane will perform and repeat commands that are set precisely how you want them to be.

Trust the advance features of our SMARTON crane, which was developed after years of Research and Development.

Advanced Crane Service Support

In the dusty, dirty, corrosive environment that many process cranes withstand, regular, proactive crane maintenance is of critical importance. Not to mention, many facilities depend on these cranes nearly 24/7.

That’s why you need Konecranes on your side. With over 140 locations in North America, we can serve your needs locally at a personal level.

Satisfied Process Crane Customer

"Throughout the project, Konecranes had a very professional approach, I am truly happy about the product, service and expertise provided. The crane is so smart. It is beyond our dreams,” said Peter Terrison, Maintenance Supervisor for BlueScope Steel.