Electric Wire Rope Hoists

CXT electric wire rope hoists

The CXT electric wire rope hoist is the most popular Konecranes product. Anywhere you need to lift up to 80 tons, you can often find a CXT hoist carrying the weight. The dependability and resourcefulness of the CXT has made Konecranes the world’s biggest supplier of wire rope hoists.

Custom-tailored, based on your needs

Versatility means custom-tailored resolutions for your every heavy-lifting need. Choose a standard headroom hoisting trolley when you have the capacity, or a low headroom option when you don't. Available in double girder or monorail models, flexibility is critical. The constraints of your runway or building dictate the adjustments made by the CXT.

Do you need a swivel trolley to move with greater ease? How about a fixed hoist, when movement is limited? The wire ropes are durable, highly malleable, and optimized to your precise reeving requirements. Regardless of your needs, we’ll make sure you find a hoist that meets every one of your specifications. Dealing with a hazardous application? We’ve got you covered.

Long-lasting dependability

In an ideal situation, you would buy a full CXT crane, to guarantee the quality and life of your lifting equipment. But not everyone has the ideal budget, and you may wish to simply update your existing crane with the CXT hoist. Fortunately for you, Konecranes will still service your entire crane—not just the Konecranes part you purchase.

And with our exclusive TRUCONNECT® remote monitoring and reporting service, you can make certain your hoist remains safe and lasts longer. Usage data will be sent directly to Konecranes via the condition monitoring unit; regular reports make it easy to supervise safety, procedure and upkeep. Get the TRUCARE full service package, and we will provide full service for your hoist.


MYCRANE.COM provides dozens of easily generated reports, allowing you to quickly review the history of every make and model of overhead lifting equipment that Konecranes inspects.

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TRUCONNECT PORTAL allows you to view usage data and receive reports on your crane. Note that the crane must have a modem installed to be activated in the portal.


CRANE PRO PARTS ePORTAL is the single source for ANY part, for ANY crane. Get 24/7 access to the parts and information you need, including pricing, lead times and parts manuals. Place and track your orders online.