CLX Electric Chain Hoist

Surpassing industry expectations and requirements

The CLX Chain Hoist is designed with you, the customer, in mind. Providing a trusted solution for several processes in multiple industries, the CLX electric chain hoist is the right choice for manufacturing environments where a need for high-speed load transfers, detailed assembly work, and fluctuating requirements is present.

A versatile workstation

With adaptable applications, two lifting speeds, a standard switch and versatile configurations, the CLX Chain Hoist can be used for overhead cranes, jib cranes, workstation cranes and a variety of fixed configurations.

Performance you can count on

Built from decades of experience and proven technologies this strong and durable CLX Chain Hoist is an efficient lifting device for handling loads from 60 kg to 2,500 kg (capacity up to 5,000 kg). CLX’s broad range of lifting speeds and speed ratios meets the diverse needs of customers. The combination of a high level of operating safety, the FE M 2m classification and compact headroom results in top-notch performance. The durable hoist frame and the FE M classification also support an increased lifespan for the hoist.