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If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would still want to come to work here.
Customer Service Representative—Competitive Parts

Satisfaction in Helping Others

It’s very exciting for me to find a part for a customer—especially when they had thought that the part may have been obsolete. The thanks I get from customers on a daily basis is something I still have trouble getting used to.

In past careers, my abilities were taken for granted. Now, instead of dreading getting up in the morning to go to work, I look forward to the challenges of a new day. I’ve certainly enjoyed aspects of other jobs, but I have never...

Yong Hwee

It’s people who create and add value.
Regional Manager

Keep it exciting

I’m a regional manager responsible for crane delivery activities in Southeast Asia. The job involves plenty of cooperation with diverse industries using lifting equipment, for example in production facilities, port yards, steel mills or hydropower plants. I also travel a lot in my region and to Finland. It’s a joy to work with a wonderful and supportive team, and it’s great to add value in some very interesting projects. I have an exciting job.

Focus on people...


Don’t miss the opportunities.
Engineer Manager, Electrical Pune

Supporting teams globally

My job is to support electrical engineering globally in my role as Engineering Manager, Electrical at the Konecranes facility in Pune. I order engineering for standard & heavy-duty cranes, offer engineering for standard duty cranes, and also function as item master and CAD component creator. I take pride in our team and in our performance. I feel proud to work for such a great company that lifts things.

Quality begins with a single component