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50-Ton Cranes

Konecranes has achieved market leadership in the 50-ton crane class. Around the world we offer a versatile selection of efficient, innovative lifting solutions for a full spectrum of material handling environments—manufacturing, process applications, bulk terminals, ship to shore, mining, steel and paper processing, and much more.

We engineer industrial cranes with a wide scope of capabilities—from small workstation hoists up to 50-ton cranes and well beyond—for a wide range of manufacturing applications. Our cranes are known for their exceptional reliability in around-the-clock process applications. We’ve earned a world-leading reputation for equipment that stands up to severe-duty challenges—high speeds, demanding duty cycles, hazardous environments—for exceptional levels of efficiency and productivity.

We have developed new, industry-leading technologies, in our 50-ton cranes and other weight classes, that decrease maintenance and operations costs, while elevating efficiency and safety and lowering energy consumption.

Konecranes Innovations

One of the most impressive innovations is SMARTON®, available in 10- to 500-ton capacities.  This next-generation technology features a two-transmitter intelligent radio control—Human Interface to Machine (HIM) technology—that automatically relays critical information to the operator, such as load limits, approaching work limits, overloads, total loads, three-dimensional positioning and upcoming maintenance needs. And the transmitter enables technicians to troubleshoot from the ground.

For intermodal and rail markets, we offer non-hydraulic systems that reduce downtime and maintenance costs for high-capacity container handling applications. These machines, many in the 40- to 50-ton crane class, also are engineered with sway prevention and GPS-based technologies that facilitate smoother operation and accurate container positioning.

Konecranes’ patented CXT wire rope hoists are available in a double girder, top running configuration with capacities up to 80 tons. The compact, lightweight CXT technology maximizes use of building space and can be configured to meet a wide range of applications.

The Spacemaker SM Winch also helps reduce building costs thanks to its space-saving design that works for many applications, including cranes in the 50-ton class.

Our DynALift Hoist Synchronization stabilizes lifting of long loads with up to four hoists and is an excellent solution for handling loads with uneven weight distribution.