10-Ton Cranes

10 Ton Chain Hoist and Crane Class

Around the world you’ll find Konecranes’ 10-ton cranes and 10 ton chain hoists performing material handling jobs, consistently and reliably, day in and day out, in a wide variety of industries and applications—factories, shipping, transportation, hazardous environments and many others—any situation that demands rigorous, repetitive operation.

Konecranes’ 10-ton cranes save our customers downtime and maintenance costs for optimal productivity, longevity and return on investment.

CXT Wire Rope Hoist

A key to our cranes’ efficient operation is the patented Konecranes CXT wire rope hoist.  It is available in a variety of configurations, starting with the Low Headroom Single Girder design, with a 10-ton capacity.

The gears of our CXT hoists are manufactured with great accuracy to provide many years of trouble-free service, standing up to rugged conditions. These hoists are powered by high-performance hoist and trolley motors. Other features include:

  • A large diameter rope drum that reduces rope bend. This feature increases cable life and minimizes hook travel during lowering.
  • A robust DC hoist brake that can complete more than a million cycles between adjustments
  • Hazardous environment hoists with components rated for exacting safety requirements
  • Compact design that efficiently uses building space

Evolutionary Technology

SMARTON®, developed by Kronecranes, is an evolutionary technology that takes lifting equipment to new heights of performance. It’s available on Konecranes’ 10-ton cranes on up to equipment with a 500-ton limit.  Built on Human Interface to Machine (HIM) technology, SMARTON uses a two-transmitter intelligent radio control to send critical information to the operator including:

  • Upcoming maintenance needs
  • Total loads
  • When the equipment approaches, reaches or exceeds load limits
  • Three-dimensional positioning for precise operation
  • From-the-ground troubleshooting data

Manual Chain Hoists for Hazardous Environments

Konecranes offers a rigorous line of manual chain hoists and lever pullers, with a load capacity up to 10 tons. Our EKMII manual chain hoists and EKPT manual trolleys provide customers a cost-saving alternative for less frequent lifting needs. Our EKMII hoists can be used in a variety of trolley configurations to serve a wide range of applications. Engineered for hazardous environments, they feature corrosion-resistant load chains and a machined chain sprocket that facilitates smooth, efficient movement.

Want to learn more about our 10 ton chain hoist and 10 ton crane offerings? Contact us today!


MYCRANE.COM provides dozens of easily generated reports, allowing you to quickly review the history of every make and model of overhead lifting equipment that Konecranes inspects.

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TRUCONNECT PORTAL allows you to view usage data and receive reports on your crane. Note that the crane must have a modem installed to be activated in the portal.


CRANE PRO PARTS ePORTAL is the single source for ANY part, for ANY crane. Get 24/7 access to the parts and information you need, including pricing, lead times and parts manuals. Place and track your orders online.